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Merge pull request #784 from radiolips/bugfix/x-y-int

Update documentation and force x/y coords to be stores as ints.
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......@@ -23,9 +23,12 @@ Change log
- widgets can have their own resize handles. Use `data-gs-resize-handles` element attribute to use. For example, `data-gs-resize-handles="e,w"` will make the particular widget only resize west and east. ([#494](
- enable sidebar items to be duplicated properly. Pass `helper: 'clone'` in `draggable` options. ([#661](, ([#396](, ([#499](
- fix `staticGrid` grid option ([#743](
- preserve inline styles when moving/cloning items (thanks silverwind)
- preserve inline styles when moving/cloning items (thanks [@silverwind](
- fix bug causing heights not to get set ([#744](
- allow grid to have min-height, fixes ([#628](
- allow grid to have min-height, fixes ([#628]( (thanks [@adumesny](
- widget x and y are now ints (thanks [@DonnchaC](
- allow all droppable options (thanks [@vigor-vlad](
- properly track mouse position in `getCellFromPixel` (thanks [@aletorrado](
## v0.3.0 (2017-04-21)
......@@ -1272,8 +1272,8 @@
var node = self.grid.addNode({
x: el.attr('data-gs-x'),
y: el.attr('data-gs-y'),
x: parseInt(el.attr('data-gs-x'), 10),
y: parseInt(el.attr('data-gs-y'), 10),
width: el.attr('data-gs-width'),
height: el.attr('data-gs-height'),
maxWidth: el.attr('data-gs-max-width'),
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