Commit ba41f9a8 authored by Ctibor Laky's avatar Ctibor Laky Committed by GitHub
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Added data-gs-id to item attributes list

parent fa4f2d0d
......@@ -103,6 +103,7 @@ gridstack.js API
- `data-gs-x`, `data-gs-y` - element position
- `data-gs-width`, `data-gs-height` - element size
- `data-gs-id`- good for quick identification (for example in change event)
- `data-gs-max-width`, `data-gs-min-width`, `data-gs-max-height`, `data-gs-min-height` - element constraints
- `data-gs-no-resize` - disable element resizing
- `data-gs-no-move` - disable element moving
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